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Spring/Summer Registration

Click here to register your baseball players (ages 6-14) for the 2020 GYB season!

Register by December 31 to take advantage of the early bird rate!

Colt League Registration for High School aged players (ages 15-18) opens in February.


GYB's SquadLocker store is now open!
Orders ship direct and individually, 6-12 business days after placed

Field Status

Updated automatically every 5 minutes. Refresh your browser to ensure you see the latest updates. If the Field Status is not shown below, visit the Field Status web page.

Any non-GYB use of GYB fields must be pre-approved by the Board. This includes teams or leagues that are not covered under the GYB organization. Personal use also requires approval.

Please contact Randy Sobecki for more information or any questions on field use and availability.

Sign up for Alerts!

Gurnee Youth Baseball uses RainedOut to deliver urgent alerts to you as a text message or email (cancelled events, changed plans, new directions, and more!). Join Gurnee Youth Baseball text alerts on RainedOut today and know before you go!

Speed Limit - 5 MPH

Please remember, the speed limit is 5 MPH throughout GYB fields and in the American Legion parking lot.

GYB is committed to ensuring that best efforts are implemented for the safety of its participants. Please review GYB’s Safety Guidelines and Concussion Fact Sheet available under the Field Rules section.

As a reminder, GYB has a lightning detector in the concession stand.  If you hear one continuous air horn blast for five seconds, please immediately seek shelter in your vehicle. For play to resume, you will hear two short, two second air horn blasts, signaling the all clear.